More online sales

The number of sold products and services is increasing year by year. According to a study led by ‘ibi research’ 86 % of German companies are already offering their services and selling their products online.

For more than 15 years now, we have been supporting German companies with setting up their e-commerce channels and have been helping them to increase  their sales numbers.On the basis of our approval as a  international payment institution and our  expertise, we know what matters most for a successful company.

Easy to set up

Everybusiness model has  its own individual challenges for the payment service provider. We know what matters when it comes to your particular requirements due to our many years of gaining expertise. Therefore we can ensure to provide you with optimum support.Every company which starts its e-Commerce business has one thing in common. The integration of the payment methods should be as easy and convenient as possible. Our trustworthy e-Commerce team will support you throughout the entire integration process.
Scalability and adaptation to your processes

We are aware of the fact that we have to adapt to your process tobe successful together.Our technical interface offers maximum flexibility.We suggest youto decide whether you want to accept credit cards via our services or not. To be able to track your order numbers from your online shop, we offer a full service right through your account. 
Accept payments without complex technology

We offera online user interface that enables you to charge the credit holders account with just a few clicks. Our mail order solution is suitable for a wide range of different business activities such like property rental agencies, hotels and its bookings as well as reservations and deposit processing.

Payment methods

As an approved debit and credit card acquirer, we offer a management system which includes the option of accepting VISA, VPAY, Mastercard and Maestro payments. It is also eased out for our clients to allocate their transactions; that means an automatically generated order number facilitates the tracking of your consumer's credit card statement and payments

Debit and credit cards

As your debit and credit card acquirer, we offer an online platform that clearly summarises your credit card sales, the respective payment information and the fees due. 

American Express

Do you want to give your customers the opportunity tp pay with their American Express card? No problem! We will be pleased to support you by setting up the service. 


The importance of PayPal has been increasing year by year and has become a must have for every online merchnat. 
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SEPA direct debit

Paperless direct debit is one of the most used payment methods in Germany. If you have any questions or would like to have more information about the risks involved we will be pleased to give you advice about it.
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SOFORT Banking

SOFORT banking is a safe, user-friendly and a rapidly growing direct bank transfer system which is the leader in the market in Germany and in Austria.
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Pay on invoice and pay in instalments

By offering the popular payment method "pay on invoice", you provide your customers with a safe purchasing experience and no  additional registration is necessary.
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Paydirekt is a new online payment method which was developed by Germany’s banks and it is guaranteed that it is as trustworthy as your local bank.
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Other payment methods

You couldn't find your preffered payment method? No problem! You can easily contact us and mention your needs: Please do not hesitate to do so.. 

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e-commerce security

If a transaction was processed online or in the mail order business, it is not possible for you to authenticate the purchaser and his credit card. ("card-not-present" transactions)...


PCI-DSS certification

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS for short) is the international applicable IT security standard of the leading credit card companies.


Countertop terminals

We will support you with your plans for your shop and your online business.



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