With DCC, you offer your customers the option of paying easily and conveniently in their local currency. This means more transparency and advantages for you and your customers.

How does  DCC work?

We provide  DCC in twelve currencies. As soon as a customer pays with their Visa or MasterCard, your terminal recognises the card's country of origin with the aid of the credit card number and the account's currency and automatically converts the euro amount into the customer's local currency. Both amounts are shown on the display of the terminal as well as on the receipts. Your account will be credited in euros, as usual.

Does  DCC suit my needs?

If you accept credit cards and regularly have customers from abroad, DCC is suitable for you.


Industry examples

  • Businesses close to borders
  • Retailers and service providers in the tourism industry
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Car hire firms
  • Luxury goods retailers
  • Airport and railway station shops


All advantages at a glance

For you

  • Automatic card recognition at your terminal
  • Each DCC transaction generates attractive additional income
  • Account still credited in euros
  • Customer retention through additional services

 For your customers

  • Payment in their currency
  • Exchange rates in line with the market
  • No additional exchange fees