With the feature "Choice of accounts", you determine which account is credited with a payment (debit card/ electronic cash). This is an interesting option particularly for merchants, service providers and doctors that use a shared POS terminal in shops or group practices. This feature is not available for credit card, Maestro or cash card payments or if the terminal is connected to a POS system.

Your advantages:

  • No additional charges for transfers
  • Allocation according to product group
  • Choice of up to eleven accounts
  • One terminal for all accounts

It's easy

Please contact us. We will send you the necessary documents. You can define your standard account and your additional accounts. Once your accounts have been set up, the details will be communicated automatically to your terminal. Credits are always made to your standard account; if you would like another account to be credited, you simply choose that account via a selection menu. All charges, e.g. the terminal hire charge and the fees, will still be debited to your main account.