By taking appropriate measures, you can contribute to effectively limiting fraud losses or – event better – to preventing them in the first place. Train your staff in the practices recommended by Worldline and display these tips in the POS area.

Security measures at the POS that you can take:  

  • When a customer pays with a card, check whether the first name stated on the card (male/female) matches your customer. If no PIN was entered, check that the signatures on the receipt and on the card match.
  • Ensure that your customers can enter their PIN or code shielded from the view of others.
  • Dispose of old receipts in such a way that third parties cannot gain access to the details shown on them.
  • Various settings in your terminal are password protected. Please change the password to a personal password as soon as you receive the terminal and share this password only with the staff members that are responsible for the POS.
  • We recommend at least one POS reconciliation a day. On the one hand, this is a good way to check whether the online connection still works and on the other, it safeguards all the card sales stored in the terminal.
  • Do not give unauthorised people access to your terminal. We will always give you advance notice when we need to exchange a terminal or when there is a software update. Please ensure that you ask service technicians to provide identification before you let them carry out any maintenance work on the terminal. If in doubt, please call us and ask us for confirmation that a technician is making a site visit.
  •  Please check your terminal every day for any indication or traces of manipulation, for example scratch marks, missing components, damages to the casing or components that are a different colour. One aspect that you should check above all is the security seal that is attached to all of our terminals. This seal is a hologram that is designed to break when the casing is opened. If you check your terminal on a regular basis, you may be able to spot a potential manipulation attempt straight away.
  • Please call Worldline as well as the police after a break-in, theft or any suspicion of either.