Online or mail order payments transaction are card-not-present transactions; there is no way you can actually authenticate the purchaser and his card.

Worldline assists you with special security measures.


Card security code  

The card security code (CSC) consists of at least three digits and is located in the signature field on the reverse side of the credit card. The numbers are not stored on the card's magnetic stripe and are not printed on the payment receipts.


3D security checks MasterCard, SecureCode and Verified by Visa.

The cardholders and online merchants are protected against fraud as the cardholder's identity is authenticated and confirmed before the payment is accepted. The cardholder must enter a code/PIN, for example. When you rely on this security check, you benefit from a liability shift for sales paid for with Visa and MasterCards. This considerably reduces the risk of fraudulent chargebacks, i.e. fraudulently disputed transactions, for you. Should a customer dispute a transaction, the liability no longer lies with the merchant but shifts to the card issuing bank.


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