Benefit from our many years of experience in the cashless payment processing business and our high security standards.

Acceptance – security information

When a customer wants to pay with their MasterCard, Visa or debit card (Maestro or V PAY) in your shop, you should take the following security measures:

  1. Check that the card is the usual rectangular shape with rounded corners.
  2. Check the card for damages or irregularities.
  3. Check the card's expiry date.
  4. Ask the cardholder to provide additional proof of identity.
  5. Swipe the card's magnetic stripe through the terminal, insert the card into the card reader or put the card on the contactless card reader.
  6. Your terminal connects with Worldline, which activates the payment processing procedure.
  7. You will be shown a message, either "Payment accepted" or "Payment declined".
  8. If the payment was successful, two receipts will be printed out. If the transaction was declined, the terminal will issue only one receipt.
  9. The customer's card decides whether the transaction is a PIN transaction or a signature is necessary. You keep the first receipt; the second receipt is the customer's copy.
  10. Contactless transactions only need to be authorised by a signature or a PIN when the transaction exceeds a certain amount set by the customer's bank.
  11. Compare the purchaser's signature with the signature on the reverse side of the card. If there are marked differences, you should cancel the transaction and ask the customer to pay in cash.