Secure and reliable: PayPal

PayPal is one of Germany’s most popular payment methods with over 16 million domestic active customers and around 179 million customers worldwide. According to PayPal, merchants can increase their sales by an average of 23 percent if they offer PayPal as a payment option (source: PayPal with reference to study "Payment im E-Commerce“, IZ 2013, ECC Cologne).

Set-up procedure

You can either set up a PayPal account yourself be registering at or you can state your interest in this option within the scope of your PaySquare Online contract. PaySquare will provide you with a manual on how to correctly configure this payment method. The advantage of including your PayPal account with PaySquare Online is that your shop has to connect to Worldline to be able to process PayPal any transactions. In addition, all PayPal transactions are clearly summarised in the PaySquare merchant portal.


PayPal offers you the option of crediting refunds back to your customers within 60 days of the transaction date. PayPal will reimburse you the PayPal charges applied to the original transaction. You can also send partial refunds; in this case, PayPal applies pro rata charges.


Please refer to the PayPal website for the company's charges. In addition, Worldline applies set up and transaction charges for setting up PayPal in PaySquare Online.