paydirekt: Online payments are a matter of trust

paydirekt is a new online payment method which was developed by Germany’s banks and it is guaranteed that it is as trustworthy as your local bank. It is based on a normal current account; all transactions are processed via this account. Registering for this service is as easy as it can be for the purchasers; they simply apply for paydirekt within the scope of the online banking service which is offered by their respective bank. Every paydirekt customer has already been authenticated in accordance with the strict regulations of the banks as well as the saving banks. Each authorized payment is shown on the paydirekt customer portal, on PaySquare Online and also on the normal bank statement.


High security and service quality "Made in Germany"  

The paydirekt service is the subject of Germany's strict data privacy and data security guidelines. For example, paydirekt and the banks that offer this service do not sell or pass any shopping cart details to third parties. All sensitive account details are also stored within the safe infrastructures of the respective bank or savings bank. All the data processing services are not processed in any other country than Germany. That means that all the service centres and affiliated service providers are based in Germany so that no personal information can go to a third. A buyer protection scheme applies for 30 days after the debit has been charged to the account. In case there are problems in the purchasing process, where a merchant for example failed to deliver the goods that the customer has ordered, the problem can be easily resolved with a dispute management process. In such cases, paydirekt communicates directly with the merchant to resolve the issue. Besides its buyer protection scheme, paydirekt also offers warranties to the online merchant. The merchant is guaranteed to get the payment as soon as the transaction has been confirmed by a payment confirmation and the merchant has dispatched the goods.

Advantages for the customer

  • As safe as your current account.
  • Privacy is maintained.
  • Direct payment, faster delivery.

Advantages for the merchant

  • paydirekt is your access to the bank and savings bank. Customers that use their respective bank's online banking services.
  • All it takes is a few clicks, and the customers of the banks and savings banks become your potential customers.
  • paydirekt makes your online business safer.
  • Make sure you benefit from Worldline's favourable paydirekt terms now