Mail and telephone orders ("MoTo")

Worldline offers the merchants the option to use their own e-terminal to make the entrance of transactions via an imput form possible. The e-terminal can be useful for entering credit card details which can be offered from the customers per telephone, via fax or by written letter.

The transaction via a Worldline e-terminal is easy, but they also offer various other features. Once the order details have been entered via the e-terminal's transaction input form, PaySquare Online submits them to your acquirer. The acquirer will process the credit card transactions and credits the merchant’s bank account with its respective amount. The Worldline e-terminal is capable of processing "authorization only" transactions as well as transactions where the customer's credit card is debited immediately. An “authorization only” transaction means that the amount is reserved for the merchant who triggers the actual debit at a later point in time. Having an “authorization only” transaction makes sense if you only want to take deposit for something.  It takes a few clicks to cancel a fully or partly completed transaction or to process a refund. Individual transactions can be searched for and found with the aid of numerous filters.

The transaction details are shown in PaySquare Online in an easy to follow way and can be exported as a CSV file. As no programming skills are necessary to operate the terminal, you can start to use your new e-terminal as soon as you have signed the contract.

Renting your own home online: The Worldline e-terminal makes payment processing easy

Renting cottages, apartments and rooms is now easier than ever before. The accommodation is often advertised with agency platforms such as,, airbnb or wimdu, which make it much easier to market your own home.

Case study

The Dutch platform provider B.V. (a subsidiary of the US Nasdaq company Priceline Group) presents on its own website that the company rents more than 700.000 rooms, apartments and villas via its own agency pages like and Every day more than 900.000 bookings are made with – tendency is rising. The booking process at and some other booking platforms are based on the concept that the payment is either made directly after the keys have been handed out or authorized in advance via a payment provider like Worldline and debited later on. The biggest problem when the money is supposed to be handed over in person is the so called no-shows, which then result in loss of a potential income. Worldline has developed a solution so that a situation like mentioned can be avoided. It gives especially accommodation providers the opportunity to pay the booking in advance, before the customer actually arrives. This will ensure that you get your money whether the customers shows up or not.

Payment processing with the PaySquare Online e-terminal

You can either charge a debit or credit card as soon as you have entered the details or store the transaction details for authorization for example reservations to charge the card holder at a later point. “Authorization only” transactions are often used for deposits. Defined booking and customer numbers can be added where the contact and card details are. This makes it easier to allocate a payment to a booking later on. The cloud-based software can be accessed anywhere at any time. As a merchant, you do not have to buy any expensive devices and you also don’t have to hire any IT developers. With the Worldline e-terminal, you are perfectly equipped for your bookings and customers.


Payment methods


The e-terminal is often used by the following types of business:

  • Event organisers
  • Renting of apartments and accommodations
  • Retail of luxury goods
  • Call centres


  • Immediate debit
  • Authorisation only and delayed debit
  • Easy transaction management
  • Use of own customer and order numbers
  • Refunds and cancellations
  • Export as CSV file