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A transaction is disputed – what now?


In case a cardholder disputes a payment for a chargeback you will receive an information letter about it.  The cardholder tries to arrange a return booking of the payment which has already been charged to their credit/debit card, a possibly occurring situation we are happy to support you to resolve in case the claim is not justified.
PaySquare will be happy to assist you through this process and take its responsibility to represent your interests.  A brochure informs you on details about the steps you need to take. The recommended steps are based on the credit card companies’ guidelines.


What happens to a transaction which has been disputed?

  • Due to the cardholder disputing the payment, you will be asked to return the amount.
  • You will receive a request to charge back the amount
  • If you suppose the return debit to be unjustified, within a period of 16 days you can file a complaint using the provided form. PaySquare will assess the situation and in guideline with the applicable rules and a period of one week check if the relevant complaint appears to be justified.
  • If your complaint does not appear to be justified, the chargeback will be final and you will be informed of this per written letter .If your complaint appears to be justified, PaySquare  will forward it to the card issuing bank and the chargeback amount will be credited back to your account  The card issuing bank will now assess your complaint. If your complaint is considered to be justified, there are no further reservations and the cardholder's claim is dismissed for good. If the card issuing bank considers your complaint unjustified, your case will be submitted to PaySquare again.
  • PaySquare reassesses your case on the basis of the latest information. If we see no reason to object, the amount will be charged back to you. You will be informed of this in writing. However, if we believe that an objection should be filed, we will object to the credit card company's assessment on your behalf. If the final decision is in PaySquare's favour, the payment is final. If PaySquare's objection is overruled, you will be asked to return the amount again, this time for good. You will be informed of this in writing.


Any questions?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on the following number: +49 (0)69-80 10 95 – 430 (Mon - Fri from 08:30 to 17:

Of course, you are also welcome to send us an email at chargeback@nl.paysquare.eu (preferably in English).