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The more service and flexibility you offer your customers in your shop or your e-commerce/mail order business, the higher your potential sales.

All of the most commonly used cards from one source

With Worldline, you don't only reach national but also international customers. Worldline also enables you to choose the credit cards you would like to accept.

All of the most commonly used cards from one source

Almost everyone in this country has a debit card in their wallet or purse. They are issued by banks and savings banks andtied to the cardholder's current account.
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS for short) is the common, internationally applicable IT security standard of the leading credit card companies. All companies that process, store or forward credit card information must demonstratethey meet the requirements of this standard.

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  • What is an authorization fee?

    Authorization is the process of the approval of a debiit card payment by the cardholder's bank account. in the course of the authorization process, it is checked if the card is valid and if the card limit is still sufficient for the planned transaction. The fees charged for this are known as authorization fees. the authorization fees for electronic cash/girocard-transactions, which are due via Worldline according to the bank's specifications, will be transferred directly to the banks.

    Where can I find information about the Visa and Mastercard interchange rules and rates?

    You can find information about the Visa interchange rules and rates at: and the same for MasterCard at:

    How does UnionPay card acceptance work?

    Please open the guidelinesto learn more about how to accept UnionPay cards.

    Why is it not possible for me to accept credit card payments?

    To be able to accept credit card payments, you have first sign a credit card acceptance contract which is made with a acquirer. The relevant contract numbers (VP number) have to be stored in the master data in our system. Your terminal has to build up an online connection so that you are able to authorize the credit card. If you haven't signed a Merchant Service Agreement yet, please use this link to contact us contact form. If you already have signed an agreement, then please let us know what your relevant contract number is (VP numbers). You can send an email to, stating your 6-digit terminal ID and your relevant contract number (VP number).

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